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Ancient Streets of Fes, Morocco

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Fes, one of the oldest cities in the world, is located in the mountainous region of northern Morocco. Just getting there can be an adventure in itself. The city is still home to artisans who practice their art in the old ways, and can be found at every twist and turn in the ancient medina.

Hiring a guide through your hotel or guest house is the preferred way to explore the maze like twists and turns of the Medina.

Many airlines offer flights from the U.S., and cities in Europe into Casablanca. www.Vayama.comoffers great rates, but read the fine print because most of the cheap fares are not refundable. www.royalairmaroc.comoffers direct flights from many European cities and New York directly into Casablanca and other cities in Morocco. After flying into Casablanca, you can either take a tour bus or a taxi to Fes, unless you rent a car. Make sure you arrange your travel to Fes through a reputable tour company or your hotel.

Hotels and Riads
You may consider staying the night in Casablanca before taking the up to four hour drive to Fes. The mountain roads can be heavy with traffic. There are many major hotel chains in both Casablanca and Fes to choose from. If you are a bit more adventurous, consider staying in a riad in the Medina in Fes. Riads are traditional mansions or estates that are now open to the public, and are similar to a bed and breakfast type atmosphere. Check out www.luxury-riads.com/fez-hotels-11.htmlfor great rates, maps and information on riads. Both www.expedia.com and www.kayak.com also offer great rates on hotels and riads.

Shopping and Site-seeing
The Medina and mosques in Fes are a must see. The ancient walls and steep and narrow winding streets of the medina take one back in time. Wear sturdy walking shoes and hire a guide through your hotel or riad, and you will enjoy your adventure a lot more. The Andalusian quarter has amazing art and architecture in the Moorish style with intricate carvings and mosaics. The tanneries offer every imaginable color of leather, if you can stand the smell which can be over powering. Place El-Seffarine is the metal workers quarter where one can find intricate hand hammered works in silver and brass.

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