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Morocco: A Plastic Surgery destination

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TouristsflocktomoroccoforsurgeryOne of the most popular trends in plastic surgery is to visit Morocco and have procedures done at a very reasonable cost. The country hasn't been in the market long for cosmetic procedures but it is becoming a very popular destination.  Many women are looking to visit Moroccan plastic surgery clinics because of the benefits that come from having work done abroad. Statistical data show most of these women are under 40. The benefits they seek are both financial as well as emotional.


Sacred Music Festival - Can music transform society?

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fes-festival-of-sacred-musicThis is my first visit to Morocco and the city of Fes. It's an easy place to fall in love with. I'd never seen a purple flowering tree before and so the Jacarandas were the first things to catch my eye. Thousands of swifts fly about the old city walls of the Medina at dusk adding to the dream like quality of the city. At night the streets are packed with families, couples and friends hanging out together. It's not surprising some of the international visitors I've spoken to have been coming back for years.


Ancient Morocco adds modern amenities in bid to boost tourism

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 Image Tourists wandering through the ornately tiled rooms of the late-9th-century Bahia Palace, home to a sultan's vizier, his four wives, 24 concubines and countless offspring, can only imagine the domestic juggling act required to get through the day.


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Enchantment Tangier American Legation Morocco Art BookA perfect introduction to Moroccan history for the general reader. A challenge to scholars to reconsider Orientalism, without polemics. 

 And an invitation for all to explore a charming museum.