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Badr Hari: 2012 Olympian?

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K-1's Golden Boy Badr Hari is apparently considering an interesting move.  Sources indicate that Hari has been approached to represent Morocco as a boxer in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. According to Simon Rutz, Hari's manager and the head of It's Showtime, Badr is considering accepting the offer and views it as a great honor.

Hari himself alluded to this idea a few months ago in an interview before his fight with Mourad Bouzidi:

Is boxing your cup of tea? Because it was said that you have plans to represent Morocco at the Olympic Summer Games in London (2012) in amateur boxing. Is that true?

"Yes, we're working on it but it's not easy to realize this dream of mine. Negotiations are still going on."

But the qualifications for the Olympics already start at the beginning of next year.

"Yes, but that's no problem. First of all, the Commission has to agree with me being an amateur boxer. We already had several conversations with the Olympic Committee and they will decide if I will be in consideration for it."

At this point, it looks like the door is open for Hari and it's his choice - if he wants the spot, it seems to be his.  This brings up two obvious questions: How would he do?  And is this a good choice?


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