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Drought, Falling Tourism Threaten Morocco Economy

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moroccan-economic-growthLong seen as a haven of stability and relative prosperity in North Africa, this close U.S. ally has a rough year ahead. Its budget is overstretched, its farm fields drought-stricken, its credit rating is wobbly, and economic crisis is hobbling its closest trading partners in Europe, even as protests by disgruntled Moroccans are on the rise.

Morocco escaped much of the unrest linked to the Arab Spring elsewhere in North Africa, where the governments of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt all fell, but it could face new troubles this year.


Morocco Sex Toys Seller Gets 8 Months

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69a882f8af16b299122b2c539ec876dc350A seller of sex toys has been sentenced to eight months in prison and fined €900 by a Moroccan court for infringing public decency, local newspapers reported on Monday.

The vendor, who was not named, was sentenced on Thursday for "importing, holding and exhibiting licentious products and the publication of prints and photos that are against morals and public decencies," said the daily L'Economiste.


Morocco Is Not The Problem

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menachem-rosensaft-Morocco-newsI take no position on whether countries should prohibit religious proselytizing. Over the centuries, Jews, especially Jewish children, have far too often been the victims of proselytization.  During the years of the Holocaust, desperate Jewish parents in Poland smuggled their children out of the ghetto for safekeeping by Christians only to discover after the war - I am speaking, of course, of those who were fortunate enough to survive the death camps - that the children had been baptized and indoctrinated to reject their Jewish faith and identity.


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