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Morocco To Send Humanitarian Aid To Mali

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Morocco will send a consignment of humanitarian aid to Mali to alleviate the sufferings of the displaced population in the West African country, a communiqué from the Moroccan ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said on Thursday.

The aid, which includes food and pharmaceutical products, on the orders of King Mohamed VI after consignments to Mauritania and Niger, two countries accommodating Malian refugees.

“While reaffirming its strong support to the territorial integrity of the Republic of Mali, Morocco expresses deep concern about the difficult situation experienced by Malian refugees,” the statement says.

“Morocco appreciates the initiatives taken by ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) and confirms its efforts made to end the fighting that left innocent civilians dead and to reach a political solution to the Malian crisis,” it said.

Morocco urged other nations to support refugees to return home and children to return to school in decent humanitarian conditions, which would strengthen stability and security in that fellow nation and the Sahel region in general.

Since March, more than 200,000 people have fled Mali to find refuge in neighbouring countries. Mali's situation worsened with the military seizing power and the rebel Touareg declaring the north an independent country.

Source: www.afriquejet.com

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