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Morocco’s Beauty Queen Elected

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Sarah Mo’atamed, 19 years old, from Casablanca won the title Miss Morocco 2012 in a competition that started last December.

Fifteen contestants had competed for the crown, and after 5 preliminary shows, only 4 made it into the finals including Sarah, who’s a college student, in her second year in the National School of Business and Management.

Sarah speaks French and English fluently, as well as other languages. Her ambition is to create an institution for the training of young people who couldn’t complete their studies due to poverty.

This year’s competition was marked by supporters who praised the competition because it excluded the swimsuit parade, and focused on the traditional  Moroccan fashion shows instead, while the opponents complained of the low-level beauty of the competitors.

It should be noted that Sarah won a car from the Ford brand in addition to other prizes, and she will represent Morocco in the Miss World 2012 to be held late this year…

This wasn’t a bad start for this contest, but we hope to see prettier girls in the next year’s edition.

Source: http://lebanesebeautypress.com

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