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Morocco to build five culture centers worldwide, official

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Morocco will launch five cultural centers in the world's major cities that have a large number of Moroccan expatriates, said Minister in charge of the Moroccan Community living abroad, Mohammed Ameur. Speaking at a meeting with representatives of the Moroccan expatriates in Montreal, Canada Ameur said the latter will to host one of those centers that are meant to be not only a symbol of Moroccan culture and identity, but also an opportunity to open up on other communities, and promote the Moroccan culture 

    Ameur, who is on a visit to Canada to enquire about the situation of Moroccan immigrants there, announced a number of measures taken by Morocco to assist Moroccans living abroad, including covering the costs of repatriating corpses of expatriates with limited income, and conducting a study on the needs and expectations of Moroccans as well as new investment areas, mainly in IT, off-shoring, and eco-tourism.

   Ameur said Morocco is aware of the importance of religion for Moroccan expatriates, adding that there is a will to foster a moderate Islam in collaboration with the ministry of Islamic Affairs and the Moroccan Council of Olemas (religious scholars).

   The Arabic language is also an essential component in the Moroccan identity, the Moroccan official said, noting that there are a number of measures to promote its teaching in hosting countries.


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