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Morocco: A Leader of African Cinema

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Morocco has become one of the leaders of the African film production, said Michel Ouedraogo, General delegate of the 22nd Pan-African Film and Television Festival (FESPACO) slated on February 26 to March 5 in Ouagadougou.

"The Moroccan cinema, which will be strongly represented during the FESPACO, has a high quality and holds a special place at the level of African cinema," Ouedraogo told MAP on the sidelines of the 12th National Film Festival of Tangier.


"Morocco is always present on the African cultural scene and contributes to the co-production of several movies, mainly Burkina Faso's," he added.

Morocco's participation in the Pan-African Festival's feature film contest, through three movies namely Daoud Oulad-Syad's "La Mosquée", Latif Lahlou's "Dar Lakbira" and Mohamed Mouftakir's "Pégase", will be an occasion for the African public to get to know the Moroccan cinema, he underlined.

Referring to the African cinema, he stressed that it is witnessing a noteworthy evolution in view of its yearly production, despite the problems of financing and marketing.

Source: everything-moroccan.com

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