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Islam: Ramadan; Imams, Women Preachers From Morocco to Italy

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Some thirty imams from Morocco and with them a few "mourchidat" (spiritual advisers) are to reach these days Italy to follow the Muslim community in Italy in the sacred month of Ramadan which begins next week.


ROME. A measure wanted by the Moroccan Government and agreed with the Italian one, MP of PdL, Suad Sbai, specifies, to contribute to avoid that the rites of Ramadan are managed by unprepared imams if not even directly related to the extremist currents.

"Some imams, maybe six or seven had already come last year and were welcomed with enthusiasm. But this year the news is exactly that apart from being more numerous the group of imams is accompanied by women or by the Mourchidat'," Sbai who is also president of the Association of the Moroccan Women in Italy says.

The reference is to the "spiritual advisers" of the mosques with function of preachers even if without a title to lead the prayer whom for several years Morocco has begun to educate in order to approach them to the imams. This innovation is introduced and supported by King Mohammed VI also with the intent to stem extremism.

And it was exactly "against extremism and violence" that the Moroccan government wanted to "export" its imams for Ramadan not only in Italy, but also in other European countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, Sbai adds. The initiative has been coordinated also with the Italian government by Moroccòs Islamic Affairs Ministry.

Imams and 'mourchidat', whose expenses for the stay will be covered by Morocco, will work in particular for the evening prayer at the mosques and prayer centres throughout the country.


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