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Morocco Promotes Solar Energy with Plane Landing

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morocco spain solar plane-1999288802 v2.griqsqskfjaklzead-6x2Morocco's ambitious and expensive plan to draw 40 percent of its energy needs from the limitless power of its blazing sun by 2020 received a publicity boost this week as the first solar powered plane to make an intercontinental flight landed in the North African kingdom.
As Swiss pilot and adventurer Bertrand Piccard stepped out of the fragile craft in front of reporters late Tuesday following his 20-hour flight from Madrid, he immediately paid tribute to Morocco's solar ambitions, which include one day exporting electricity to Europe.

Looking For Oil And Gas In Morocco

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oil-welljhqsrd123123Longreach Oil & Gas is the type of company that goes where no big company wants to bother with, and seeks upstream success in that place.

This British company has focused exclusively on Morocco, a country that several years ago overhauled its oil and gas laws to open the doors to foreign investment.

Natural Gas Could Fuel Economic Growth

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morocco-elec-07-SMIn Morocco, as elsewhere, there is great economic potential for natural gas as an energy source as the price of oil keeps rising.

Delegates at an international conference on natural gas held March 29th in Casablanca called for a proper gas strategy to be developed in order to shore up Morocco’s energy supply.

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Enchantment Tangier American Legation Morocco Art BookA perfect introduction to Moroccan history for the general reader. A challenge to scholars to reconsider Orientalism, without polemics. 

 And an invitation for all to explore a charming museum.