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  1. Improve Poor Moroccan Youth life by high qualified training

    The Name of the Project: “Education for all by involving all”

    The Goal: "Improve Poor Moroccan Youth life by high qualified training”

    How: “training members of communities to give teaching interventions, empowering ordinary people to care for others. Help bring better teaching to low-resource communities -- by teaching ordinary people to deliver basic tutoring services”

    Our Quota: “We need to deliver high qualified education using whoever is available and affordable in our local communities.””

    We want, to target poor kids and Young people especially from remote parts of Morocco (Countryside) where education is soo weak.
    The originality of our project, is to afford an a free online teaching provided by volunteer coaches from all over the worldin:

    > Languages: sepecially English and a second optional foreign language.
    > Science: Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Electronics.
    >Business: Management, Marketing, E-commerce, Strategie, Finance.

    This list is not exhaustive.

    But, the big problem that we have firslty overcome is infrastracture. Poor families in Morocco can afford neither computers nor Internet Access to their kids.

    So the first step of the project is to afford these educational tools to this young people. For that, we really need volunteers who will want to invest a little their time to go to their universities/high school/companies(Networking operators )/public administrators to look for partnerships and sponsoring the project.
    In other side, our volunteer will be the ambassadors of the project by checking by themselves if the concerned poor family receive really computers and access internet.

    Just after affording the educational tools to a family, we can start the second step of the project that I have explained in the beginning: Coach & Teach poor Moroccan young people to make them qualified to success their professional life and improve their lives.

    For further information , join our Facebook Page: Lifemakers.morocco.abroad

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